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Kafka Commands Quick Reference

Create kafka topic
bin/ --bootstrap-server <bootstrap-servers> --create --replication-factor 3 --partitions 3 --topic <topic>
List all available kafka topics
bin/ --bootstrap-server <bootstrap-servers> --list
Alter or modify topic partitions
bin/ --bootstrap-server <bootstrap-servers> --alter --topic <topic-name> --partitions 6
Send messages to kafka topic
bin/ --broker-list <bootstrap-servers> --topic <topic-name>
Changing the retention period for a topic
bin/ --bootstrap-server <bootstrap-servers> --alter --topic <topic-name> config*
Deleting a Kafka topic
bin/ --bootstrap-server <bootstrap-servers> --delete --topic <topic-name>
Consume messages or listen to kafka topic
bin/ --bootstrap-server <bootstrap-servers> --topic <topic-name>
Consume messages from topic with group
bin/ --topic <topic-name> --bootstrap-server <bootstrap-servers> --group <group-name>
Consume messages from the beginning of topic with group
bin/ --topic <topic-name> --bootstrap-server <bootstrap-servers> --group <group-name> --from-beginning
Consume messages with header and keys
bin/ --bootstrap-server <bootstrap-servers> --topic <topic-name> --property print.key=true --property print.headers=true --property print.timestamp=true

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